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Everybody likes a deal, whether it’s a sale at the grocery store/big box store or negotiating for a better price on a property.

I have these exciting offering for serious buyers and sellers. Click on the icons on right to find out more.



  • Land Buying Guide

  • What is Survey?

  • Is there any HST on land?

  • Why work with pro who knows land?

  • What is mineral surface & timber rights?

  • Buying an acreage or rural property

  • Buying farm land - important things to know

  • Buying hunting land - important things to know

  • Buying land for investment

  • Can I get mortgage for vacant land?

  • Zoning & Environment

  • Liens/Encumbrances/Easements & Encroachment On Land

  • Buying Cottage Property

  • What is Shoreline Reservation?

  • I am not a Canadian Citizen. Can I buy land in Canada?